The Mvslim Modest Fashion Review: 2020

In 2020, the modest fashion industry blossomed as well known brands expanded and smaller, ‘slow-fashion’ brands began to take their place in the online space. 

We at Mvslim, have fallen in love with a number of brands that have dedicated themselves to creating sustainable, halal, and comfortable clothing for both men and women. 

The fashion and production industry is extremely difficult and was only made harder with the global pandemic in 2020. So we’d like to take this opportunity to not only recognize but platform 5 modest fashion brands that have been thriving and supporting the Muslim community with awesome clothing this year.

Read through and make sure to support these brands! 

1. Camilliya 

Camilliya is a London-based modest hand-made fashion brand. 

Here are some beautiful words from the owner; 

‘I find inspiration in all of you, all different types of Muslim women. We are all unique and I think it’s about time modest fashion showcased the different types of Muslim women in this world. Not all of us like to be ordinary in a plain black simple abaya. Not saying there’s anything wrong with that because again we are all unique and all have different tastes.’

‘I try to be as creative as I can with each abaya. The process that every abaya goes through is in itself beautiful. I draw out each design by hand and then source each fabric in London myself. I then get on with the creating process and start sewing each piece in a small flat in London. Then all your pieces are wrapped and sent off with so much love.’

2. SilqRose

SilqRose is a holistic brand built on the principles of self-care, sustainability, empowerment, and consciousness. 

Following almost two years of development in 2017, the brand launched in 2019 with a dream to redefine the modest fashion industry using practices and choices deeply rooted in our faith, and a strong desire to move away from the disastrous effects the fast fashion industry has produced in the name of accessibility; the abundant use of toxic, synthetic, harmful materials, chemically manufactured fabrics, and the exploitation of human resources.

We use natural, biodegradable fabrics, innovative fibers, and smart textiles, fusing traditional and sustainable techniques to ethically produce hijabs for incredible women; hijabs with a focus on purity, high wearing comfort and breathability; kinder to your body, biomes, Earth and its inhabitants.

3. Syndeed

Syndeed is a French modest wear brand launched in 2016 to meet the needs of men and women wishing to dress in a modern and smart style while remaining modest.

Syndeed is an Arabic word “صندد” which means “fearless leader” “brave” or “courageous”.

Syndeed collections provide oversized tracksuits, jubah, short sleeves or long sleeves, large trousers, with innovative design and fabrics.

Syndeed women collections provide regular cut or sport cut jilbab, abaya set with integrated or separated hijab, movement-free sport-set with very light and smooth fabric.

4. Madiha 

Madiha presents luxury modest wear of utmost high quality, exhilarating & empowering women to look & feel good in a modest way.

Inspired by neutral tones & the art of simplicity, our seamless designs aim to communicate the significance of “less is more”. This year, Madiha collobarated with Nia Amroun to bring us a beautiful and versitle collection of co-ords and abayas.

5. Avyaana

Avyaana means a strong, powerful, and beautiful woman. That is exactly what our brand stands for and how you should feel when you wear any of our pieces. All our pieces reflect modesty via elegance and class.

Fashion is a form of art and art is personal. Modesty should never be a barrier when a woman wants to express her individuality because how you dress determines how others approach you, how you feel about yourself, it is what strangers take away when they have their first encounter with you and it definitely speaks without oral communication. To limit the barrier between expression and modesty all our designs are designed with you in mind, to empower you, your image, and your confidence. Our aim is to make you feel strong, powerful, and beautiful!

 All our pieces are hand made in London and we have something for everyone. We hope that you enjoy all our collections and have the opportunity to express yourself through one of our luxurious pieces.

Written by Hafsah Dabiri

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Editor in Chief at Mvslim. Diversity and Inclusion advocate. Currently taking the road less travelled. Praying I don’t get lost :sweat_smile: