The Modest Fashion Revolution: 5 Muslim Fashion Bloggers To Watch

There’s a modest fashion revolution going on, led by Muslim women from all over the planet. What’s in a name? Muslim women are done with the thought that fashion is just not for them, because it wouldn’t fit into their halal lifestyles. Because that’s nonsense, and they’re proving so. How? This revolution is happening on many different levels. Think fashion bloggers showing how you can dress modestly and still be fashionable, think Islamic fashionwear boutiques, and even Islamic haute couture! In this short series we’re digging a bit deeper into these themes to show you what this modest fashion revolution is truly about.

We’ll start off with the fashion bloggers, as we call them nowadays. If you think it’s impossible for Western fashion to fit the modest lifestyle, think again. Many Muslim women are out here showing us how you don’t have to give up fashion to stick to your modest way of dressing. To give you somewhat of an image of how this would look like, we’re presenting five famous fashion bloggers who have gained many admirers throughout the year. And it’s pretty clear why: The way they combine different styles and different layers to achieve the modest looks without having to give up on looking impeccable is quite admirable.

Dina Torkia, 25-year old fashionblogger and designer living in England.

Fashion blogger

Fashion blogger1

Fashion blogger2

Fashion blogger3

Saufeeya Goodson, known as fashion blogger Feeeeya on Instagram.





Leena Asad, American/Palestinian fashion blogger at





Summer Albarcha, American based fashion blogger with Syrian roots. Her dream is to be a fashion designer. She currently blogs at




Indah Nada Puspita, Indonesian fashion blogger at




As you can see these women are mainly wearing clothes that you would buy at your typical clothing stores, but this is changing. Muslim women aren’t limiting themselves to these Western shops anymore, especially since this uprising of Islamic fashionwear boutiques. Muslim women are designing their own clothes, making it easier for fellow women to find clothes that fit into their lifestyle. There’s even women who start out as bloggers on Instagram but then start designing their own wear and putting them out for sale, such as Dina Torkia. That’s why in our next article of this series we’re zooming in on the up and coming business of Islamic fashionwear. Make sure you don’t miss it!

Written by Mvslim

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