The Global Effects of Trump’s Presidency

Trump’s Presidency has paved the way for a difficult present and future, regardless of whether or not he is re-elected. Here’s why; 

The Damage That Trump Has Caused In His Four Year Term 

The four-year term of Donald Trump has particularly been tainted by his pandering and bolstering of far-right movements and rhetorics.

In 2015, Trump falsely accused ‘thousands and thousands’ of Muslims in New Jersey of cheering when the World Trade Centre collapsed on September 11, 2001. 

The following year, he falsely claimed that ‘Islam hates us’. 

Soon after his initial election into the presidency in 2016, Trump signed an executive order banning people from six Muslim majority countries from entering the U.S. This was issued under the guise of a ‘national security measure’. 

The Muslim Ban was wrong then. And it's wrong now. | Oxfam

These actions and words from the U.S. President, has led to a real and measurable increase in Islamophobia, not just in the United States but globally. The Council on American-Islamic Relations described it as a “sharp rise” in campaigns against “innocent Muslims, innocent immigrants and mosques.”

A survey by the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding shows that 62% of Muslims in the United States, including 68% of Muslim women, experienced religious discrimination in 2019. 

The Pew Research Center reported that an overwhelming majority of US adults (82%) agree that Muslims are subject to at least some form of discrimination in America. This includes 56% who believe Muslims are discriminated against “a lot”.

Islamophobia Globally 

Trump’s political positioning and outward discriminatory practices have been mirrored in China, France, Germany, and a number of other countries in the world. 

France has increased its criminalization of the Muslim faith in recent months by claiming that ‘Halal is divisive’, banning the hijab and niqab in parts of society.

France's attack on Muslim women must stop | Middle East Eye

The French Interior minister, Gerald Darmanin, indirectly referred to Muslims as ‘enemies from within’. According to the Washington Post, after the knife attack in Nice, Darmanin then launched a series of police operations and raids against Muslim organizations and individuals who, in his words, “were not linked with the investigation but to whom we are clearly willing to send a message.” 

Darmanin also announced his intention to immediately disband several anti-Islamophobia organizations, labeling one of them an “enemy of the republic.

Trump Could Be Voted Out, Does This Make A Difference? 

Unfortunately, the evidence does not suggest that if Trump is not re-elected on the 3rd of November, we should let our guard down. 

In fact, the evidence suggests the complete opposite. 

When we look at the Quebec Mosque Massacre that happened in 2017 where 6 worshippers were killed. This happened under the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau and it was reported that the attacker claimed that one of the triggers that set him off was a tweet by Trudeau supporting refugees.

And when we look at the Christchurch Attacks in New Zealand that led to the murder of 51 innocent Muslims. This happened under a Liberal government too. 

Trump has caused a lot of damage and a ‘Liberal’ government under Biden and Harris does not necessarily equal protection. 

French Government Wants Fresh Start With Muslim Community After Burkini Row

We Have To Draw Closer As A Muslim Community 

As Muslims, we have to say alert, focused, and prayerful. 

Community is our strength. We have to lean into it, nourish it, and truly develop it during these times. We have to draw ourselves closer together and depend on one another. 

May Allah protect us all, regardless of the outcome, and see us through these difficult times. 

From the Mvslim Family to our global Muslim community, we’ve got you and with Allah, we’ll get through this, together.

Written by Hafsah Dabiri

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