The First Saudi Woman Joined NASA – After Gazing Fascinated at the Stars in the Desert for Years

Last year the Saudi Gazette reported that the first Saudi woman has joined the US space agency NASA. Her name is Mishaal Ashemimry.

Mishaal Ashemimry is an aerospace engineer and the CEO of MISHAAL Aerospace, an in Miami based company ‘specialized in launch vehicle/rocket development for space applications’.

She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aerospace Engineering and in Applied Mathematics from the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne and a Master of Science Degree in Aerospace Engineering, graduating Magna Cum Laude.

Previously, she worked for Raytheon Missile Systems’ Aerodynamics Department, contributing to 22 rocket programs.

In an interview with the Saudi Gazette Ashemimry explained that her “fascination with space started while gazing at the stars in the Unayazah desert”.

“Since then my focus has been to become an aerospace engineer and contribute to the development of space vehicles and rockets,” she said.

After it was announced that she will be joining the NASA, the Center for International Communication (CIC) congratulated her through twitter.

The Saudi Ministry of Culture & Information also congratulated her for being “an inspiring model for women.”

As a graduate research assistant, she worked on a NASA Marshall Space Flight Center project where she analyzed and designed a new thermal nuclear rocket engine for Mars Missions for NASA.

She is indeed an inspiring model for women!

Written by Mvslim

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