The Best 6 Muslim Football Players You Should Play With on FIFA 18!

EA will release the brand new FIFA 18 in the stores in less than 10 days and we can’t wait. Which team will we pick, how will ‘the journey’ look like and what’s most important, what are the major improvements? But, there are also a lot of Muslim football players available in the game. The main question: which are the best Muslim football players we should try out?

1. Sadio Mane
If you love pace in the FIFA games, then you must pick Mane in your FUT-squad or buy him in the career-mode. This Senegalese international and star player of Liverpool is a monster: he runs fast, he is very strong and he has a high finishing rating with 83. His overal rating is 84, so he’s worth a try!

2. Paul Labile Pogba
This man is a beast. The Guinean-French midfielder is a certainty: he won’t let you down when you will play with him. He was a joy to play with on FIFA 17 so you shouldn’t even think questioning him on FIFA 18. With a rating of 87, he won’t be an easy catch. You could still try him out by using his team Manchester United.

3. Mohamed Salah
It’s all about the pace. Salah, player of Liverpool, forms a great duo with Mane on the flanks. The Egyptian has the same pace statistics like Mane, with a 93 rating. One advice: If you decide to play online, pick Liverpool! Salah has a decent rating: 83.

4. Karim Benzema
He shoots, he scores. Benzema is also a beast in FIFA and quite affordable. Yes, EA decided to downgrade the Real Madrid striker from a 87 rating to a 86 rating, but his finishing remains the same 87! A guarantee for goals!

5. Shkodran Mustafi
The German international with Albanian roots can keep so many clean sheets. He was a superb center back in FIFA 17. He is very strong and quite fast for a defender with an acceleration rating of 73. Mustafi has an overal rating of 84 and a potential of 88. Quite impressive!

6. N’Golo Kante
70% of the planet is covered by water, the rest is being covered by N’Golo Kante. Last years’ Premier League Footballer of the Year has gone up from 83 to an 87 rating. He covers the whole field, has a decent pace and an incredible stamina. The Chelsea midfielder is a blessing in FIFA.