Tesco wishes Muslims a Ramadan Mubarak with smokey bacon Pringles

Since Ramadan has begun and with the sales uplift, many local stores are offering promotions to attract Muslim customers. Meanwhile, a local Tesco store decided to wish Muslims customers Ramadan Mubarak offering deals on staple products combined with promotions for Pringles in smokey bacon flavor.

As you may or may not know, Muslims are forbidden to eat pork. So wishing them Ramadan Mubarak by offering deals including bacon-flavoured Pringles under a Ramadan banner seems a bit ironic, don’t you think?

This wasn’t offensive to Muslims. On the other hand, they found it so hilarious that many decided to tweet about it. Raza Hassan, 25, told BuzzFeed: “They had other flavors as well, it just seemed someone had stacked them in to the Ramadan promotional one by mistake! It didn’t offend me at all – but the irony of it was hilarious.”

To clarify the misconception, a spokesman for Tesco told BuzzFeed News: “We are proud to offer a wide range of meals and products to meet the needs of our customers during Ramadan. We recognize these Pringles weren’t in the most suitable place and our store colleagues have now moved them.”

The spokesman also said that it was never their intention to cause any offence and they will try their best to not make it happen again.

Written by Elif Car

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