Taiwan Is Making Its Tourism More Muslim-Friendly: Delicious Halal Food and Astonishing Mosques

Taiwan is making its tourism more Muslim-friendly, to attract more visitors from the Gulf countries as well as from Malaysia and Indonesia.

The country is making an effort to create a Muslim-friendly environment for the tourists. On the official tourism web page, the country created a special section for Muslim tourists. It helps them find suitable dining and accommodation options, as well as mosques across the country. Many prayer facilities can be found in Taipei!

Mira Filzah

Taiwan is also producing a promotional video called “Salam Taiwan – Taiwan welcomes you” featuring four popular Malaysian figures: Mira Filzah, an actress and TV host, Yasamin Rezuan, Sharifah Rose and Aisha Liyana who are all three media stars.

Below is a list of must-visit places in Taiwan!

1. Taipei Grand Mosque

The Grand Mosque of Taipei is the largest mosque in Taiwan. Chinese Muslims who came to Taiwan raised money to have a place to pray. As the Muslim population grew, the mosque got too small. That’s when they decided to rebuild the mosque and make it bigger.

2. Taroko Gorge

The Taroko Gorge National Park is called the most beautiful of Taiwan, and we totally understand why! For nature lovers, the bridge is a pathway to paradise.

Every year, the national park hosts the Taroko Music Festival. Varioustalented musicians perform during this festival.

3. Rainbow Village


The Rainbow City is a street located in Taichung. Huang Yung-Fu was the one who started to paint houses in order to save them from demolition. This artwork is now one of the most visited in Taiwan and is popular because of it’s beautiful colors, hence being called the ‘Rainbow village’!

A few delicious halal restaurants in taiwan:

Chang Beef Noodle Shop


This Halal certified restaurant is said to serve the best halal Beef Noodles in Taipei. It is very popular among Muslim travelers, as many Muslims can’t get acces easily to this delight halal dish in most Asian noodle restaurants.

Tajin Moroccan Cuisine


This restaurant serves halal traditional Moroccan dishes in a warm and cozy atmosphere. The place is perfect for Arab people who miss traditional dishes, while on holiday, but is also the place-to-be for lovers of the Moroccan cuisine. The bread is served warm and fresh. Yum!

Hui Guan Restaurant


Located in Taipei, this restaurant serves delicious traditional Chinese food. The restaurant is halal-certified, making it a hotspot for Muslims. The restaurant also has a prayer room, so that guests can pray in silence and comfort.

Hui Guan

We can’t wait to visit Taiwan, what about you?!

Head image: Bob Greenup