This Boy Dreams Of Rebuilding Aleppo – So He Did It

Right now, Aleppo, as well as the whole of Syria, holds an uncertain future. Many cities have been reduced to dust and rubble. No one can answer the question of who will rebuild Aleppo and when this will be possible.

Mohammed Qutaish, a 14-year-old Syrian refugee, has created a futuristic looking model for the city of Aleppo, which has been destroyed by war. He’s always had a passion for drawing and his parents have helped him develop his talent.He spent several years working on the model, which represents a modern Aleppo. It contains colourful buildings, towering skyscrapers, green parks, villas and an impressive railway and road system. He recreated the Citadel, which has been partly destroyed due to shelling and different areas for tourists and residents.Mohammed designed the model with nothing more than paper, paints and sponges, by looking up tutorials on the internet.

‘Future Aleppo’ currently sits in New York City’s Museum and will soon be transferred to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Mohammed states that when he grows up, he wishes to be an architect and one day he wants “these paper buildings to become real buildings.” He believes that the next generation will play a role in rebuilding the country. His message to the public is:

“If your child has a gift, please help him to develop his skills. Help us rebuild our country and society.”

He continued: “If the situation calms down, I will finish my studies. I won’t leave [Syria], because anything I can do abroad, I can do here.”

Currently the city might be in ruin, with rubble covering once a vibrant city. However, Mohammed brings hope that Aleppo can be rebuilt one day.

Written by Diyora Shadijanova

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Diyora Shadijanova is an aspiring journalist from London that writes to feel and writes to heal.