Superfoods you should eat every day

1. Olive oil

Besides coconut oil, olive oil is definitely one of our favorite oils to use. It can be used as a salad dressing, for frying, but also as medicine. A hair or face mask with olive oil? Everything is possible!

A magic potion this is, or at least the pure virgin olive oil. For years now, we get it freshly squeezed from Morocco, without any additives. The olive oil from the supermarket isn’t nearly as good. It is best to use the extra virgin olive oil, since it contains more vitamins.

Did you know that olive oil …

  • has anti-inflammatory properties?
  • reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases?
  • has the highest percentage of mono-unsaturated fats?
  • helps your bowel movements?
  • helps lowering your cholesterol?

What are you waiting for? Go get yourself some olive oil!

2. Pineapples

The original name for pineapples, ananas, literally translates to “excellent fruit”, which we absolutely agree with!

Did you know that pineapples …

  • are rich in calcium, potassium, fibers and vitamin C?
  • contain manganese, a mineral that can strengthen our bones and connective tissue?
  • are good for your gums?
  • contain beta-carotene which is good for your eyes?
  • has anti-inflammatory properties?
  • can cure colds?
  • can prevent bloating?

See how good they are for you (and how delicious!), we love ‘em!

3. Coconut blossom sugar

You’ve probably heard of it before, but this “sugar” is not very known yet to the general public. Note that I’m talking about the biological variant.

Did you know that coconut blossom sugar …

  • is the healthiest variant?
  • is a natural sugar made from coconut blossom?
  • is a completely unrefined sugar?
  • is packed with good nutrients?
  • is very low on the glycemic index (meaning it gives us energy for a long time!)?
  • is very tasty?

And of course, everything must be used in moderation.

4. Camomile tea

Camomile tea is one of my favorites, most of all in combination with other superfoods like ginger and lemon. Camomile is a very soothing tea so we suggest drinking it right before bed-time!

Did you know that camomile …

  • is an effective way to prevent colds when vaporized?
  • is good for a sore throat?
  • helps with stomach problems?
  • prevents cramps?
  • has anti-inflammatory properties?
  • helps to control your nerves?

Well, now you know all of this, enjoy your superfoods!

Written by Healthy Sisters

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The Healthy Sisters are a team of two sisters, who want to motivate others to eat healthy and work out. Najima is a nutritionist who loves to share facts about food and easy ways to eat healthier. Rachida is a runner, who likes to run marathons and motivate others to do the same.