Still Haven’t Visited Indonesia Yet? Here are 5 Reasons Why You Really Should!

Are you planning to travel to a Muslim majority country for cultural buildings and museums? Or would you rather have access to enjoy the ocean, get sunkissed on the beach, and have fresh coconut water? The good news is: you can have them all in this one particular country! Yes, in just one country. We’re talking about Indonesia. Find out the reasons why you should put Indonesia in your bucket list!

1. The biggest Muslim population in the world

Most of us link Islam to Arab nations, not knowing that Indonesia is world’s most populous Muslim-majority nation. So, it means it has the biggest Muslim community too! Look at these gorgeous Indonesian hijabis posing in different style!

2. Rich of cultures

Indonesia is the fourth most populous nation in the entire world, with more than 700 indigenous local languages, such as Javanese, Acehnese and Balinese. That’ mother tongue of many Indonesians is not the official language, which is Bahasa Indonesia. Indonesia is also a country with more than 300 ethnic groups. It’s fascinating to visit a country that includes so many different cultures and traditions.

3. Indonesia is beyond Bali

When travelers are asked about Indonesia, the first thing s/he would probably think of is Bali. Although Bali is cool, it is just a small part of the country. Indonesia is a country of thousands of islands, because it has more than 16.000 islands! That’s why it has so much to offer. You may try to explore Sumatra island to enjoy the sun at one of its beaches (it’s less crowded than Bali), see the orangutans in the jungle, or you can go to Komodo island, to see its pink beach and Komodo dragon. There are many more places you can visit.

4. The friendly people

Indonesians are well-known for being super friendly. We’re one of the most friendly people on earth! There’s no statistic proof, but many tourists mention local friendliness as one of their favorite things about the country. Indonesians like to greet foreigners and also ask foreigners for a selfie together! You’ll feel the warmth of the people as warm as its weather.

5. Heaven of food

In 2017, rendang and nasi goreng – Indonesian traditional dishes – were voted as the first and the second most delicious foods in the world by CNN readers. But there is more than rendang and nasi goreng. When in Indonesia, there’s always something new to try every single day. I promise you, you’ll never get bored. Here are some of the Indonesian foods that you should try: sate ayam (chicken satay), sweet martabak (some kind of pancake), pisang goreng (fried banana), soto, siomay, pempek, and the instant noodles: Indomie!

Are you ready to explore Indonesia?

Written by Adin Lubis

Adin is a master student of Journalism & Media in Europe at Vrije Universiteit Brussel. She loves travelling, share her thoughts on her Instagram @adinlubiss, and vlogging on YouTube.