Staying Fit in Ramadan: 10 Tips for Your Ramadan Run

Ramadan is a holy month focused on prayer and fasting, but if you’re one of those people who doesn’t skip a workout, you may find that Ramadan poses a challenge to your exercise habits. If you can modify your training routine a bit, you will still be able to keep fit with a busy Ramadan schedule. Here are ten tips for making the most of your Ramadan runs.

1. H2O intake

Drink plenty of water the night before your workout. Make sure you are taking in enough water during sahoor so it will last you throughout your day and into your evening run.

2. Timing is key

Try to time your workout so the ending coincides with iftar and you have enough time to shower and break your fast, so you aren’t waiting around totally dehydrated after your run.

3. Take it down a notch

Workouts don’t have to be killer. Take your average workout down a level to make it a little easier on your fasting body. Don’t do any extreme workouts, just something that gets your body moving.

4. Take the easy road

Don’t take a hilly path or mountain trail. Try to aim for a flat surface route that won’t tax your body more than needed while fasting.

5. Dress accordingly

It’s summertime, so it’s going to be hot out there. Be sure to wear loose, breathable clothing that’s not going to leave you overheated.

6. Give yourself a break!

Take it easy and take some walking breaks during your run. Just getting out there is enough!

7. Plan ahead

Prepare your iftar ahead of time so you can relax after your run and you aren’t left scrambling to find food at the last minute.

8. Water is your BFF

After your workout, if timed correctly, you should be able to break your fast normally. Be sure to bring a big bottle of water with you to the mosque to drink throughout salat al-Qiyam. And keep sipping throughout the midnight hours.

9. Dig in

Your post-run iftar should be a mix of protein, carbohydrates, fiber and sugar. Be sure to take in plenty of liquids or fresh fruit juices. Food like nuts, eggs, whole grain bread and pasta and protein-rich meat like chicken are great post-run iftar dishes.

10. Catch some Zzz’s

Finally, make sure you are getting plenty of sleep the night before or after your workout day. Your body will need time to catch up on the extra energy that was lost during the day.

Written by Liz Yaslik

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Liz Yaslik is living in the heart of the ancient Fes medina. She currently works as a Middle East and North African researcher with Thomson Reuters and Morocco World News.