Start-up Brand Qenza is Creating Prayer Mats that Are Beautiful Pieces of Art

Qenza’s story

Qenza is a brand that aims to provide beautifully designed home essentials and accessories that celebrate the core values of Islam. The Malaysian company is established by a young couple; they founded Qenza after their personal experience searching for accessories and personal affects for their home when they got married.

As a young Muslim couple with contemporary tastes, we could not understand why products catered towards Muslims looked like they had been around since the Ottoman Empire. Looking for ways to showcase our personality at home, we found it difficult to find products that reflected our personality. Contemporary design was absent in many products out there, which seemed unchanged for years and in some cases, poor imitations of style from another time – Tasha Jalani, co-founder Qenza

Subsequently they launched Qenza Mats, prayer mats featuring designs inspired by Quranic verses that speak of nature and its bounties. Every Muslim family has a few in house: prayer mat or “sajjada”. These cute little mats exist of several symbols and fine architecture. The rectangular designs have a deep sense of value and are traditionally taken care of in a respectful and holy manner.

Qenza mats capture the diversity and individuality of the people who use them. Paying homage to Islam’s diverse history that spans the globe, these works of art are named after empires that have secured a place in Islamic civilisation such as Granada and Samudera Pasai. Composed of hand painted artwork and inspired by Quranic verses, the prayer mats are accessible to everyone regardless of religion.

Let’s have a closer look to their designs:

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