Square What? – Square Hijabs are Totally Making a Comeback

Square hijabs were a thing of the past, well… not any more. It has become more and more evident that styles we thought had ‘lived their years’ have come back, and stronger than ever. Just one example of these ‘back in fashion’ styles include the simple square hijab.

The square hijab is worn by different cultures and ages, and styled in hundreds of ways. So many young Muslim fashion bloggers that embrace this style with full capacity. From techniques to ideas, they’ve got it covered…(with a square hijab)!

Dolce & Gabbana

‘It’s so easy to style and really suits my face’- Naya

Naya a 17 years old Lebanese-Muslim Fashionista from Australia and an aspiring interior architect has been alternating with square hijabs and says it’s been a real go to for her now. She goes on…‘Square hijabs are really  easy to wear…that is once you’ve got the hang of them. It’s a matter of wrapping them around your head. It all comes with experience and the more you do it, the easier it gets!’ She then says that for as long as it’s in trend, she will continue to stun in her square hijab.

So what about it makes it so special? It’s a mixture of everything, the chosen colour, fabric and design. Sometimes, the fabric can mean all the difference. If the fabric is too slippery then it just won’t stay in place; and if it’s to rough, then it gets hard to move in. It’s all about the balance and it comes down to what you feel comfortable in. Square hijabs have a tendency to make ones face look round, which for some is a good thing. The thing about square hijabs is that if it is made for you, it will flatter you. And if not… then lets just say there are other styles that will suit you more. But that’s OKAY! Anyway, have a go at a square hijab style, it’s so in right now.


This article is written by Israa Al Tamimi exclusively for IFDC

Written by Mvslim

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