SISI beheads The Egyptian Revolution

The death penalty. This was the embarrassing destiny brought upon the first democratically elected president of Egypt. I’m having a hard time describing what this makes me feel like, but in search of a suitable word I cannot seem to find something else than ‘humiliating’.

From Revolution to Déjà vu

Morsi himself will not be bothered much by the word ‘humiliation’ while he faces the death penalty. On the 16th of May, 2015, Egypt, together by the Arab states of the Persian Gulf, USA, Israel and the entire West were humiliated.

The Arab Awakening had brought one of the very first signs of hope in the entire Arab World after centuries of dictatorship. The whole world watched as the Egyptian people made history at the notorious Tahrir square. In some parts of the West this would even cause mild euphoria. Many journalists called it ‘a turning point in history’.

Dilemma of the West

Soon after that the revolution appeared under a geopolitical game that caused harm to states such as Libya, Syria and Egypt. In their diplomatic interference both the West and the Arab states of the Persian Gulf did not pay attention to the real frustrations and the demands of the locals, but they climbed down a peg or two.

Their main goal in this supposed solidarity with the area was to find oil, but they could also maintain alliance with a submissive people that will slavishly dance to their tune.

Morsi’succesful electorial campaign caused that second goal to fail. He came in fact from the feared ‘Muslim Brotherhood’. Not taking account Morsi’s policy, the true revolution seems to lie in the fact that the demands of the Egyptian people were taken into account for the first time during the actual elections.


But that wasn’t for the still non-democratic coup of the Egyptian army. General Abdul Fatah Al-Sisi committed a bloody coup d’état, he put the Muslim Brotherhood on the list of terrorists and after that he commenced his public slaughtering and arresting of party members. Morsi himself was held captive and eventually received capital punishment.

This conviction has taught me that, mostly because of the West’s silent approval and the rather loud approval of the Arab states of the Persian Gulf, Egypt has destroyed most of the most recently written pages of history.

Most of all I learned that one form of brutality is clearly not the other during the recent events in Egypt. ISIS has already slit the throats of many which lead to the justified indignation and loathing of the world. Human Rights was the Bible of her Western advocates. However, these advocates will temporarily choose not to be pious confessors if SISI cuts the throat of the first democratically elected president of Egypt. Behold: ‘the death penalty and humiliation of the Western credibility’…

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Written by Khalid El Jafoufi

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Khalid El Jafoufi is a 21-year-old law student with an interest in politics, sociology, ethics and education.