Sick of Sexual Harassment, Indian Man Creates a Built In Camera to Film Harassers During the Act

India’s struggle with sexual harassment against women is one of the biggest in the world. Dispesh Tank wanted to do something about it and started an initiative called WARR.

With WARR, or ‘War Against Railway Rowdies’started in 2013 after Dispesh Tank discussed the issue of sexual harassment against female train passengers with his friends. They decided to ask women about how safe they feel at the train station. It was shocking to know that 85% had been harassed and felt unsafe commuting! With that in mind, Tank invested in a pair of sunglasses with a built in HD camera. This way he could film the harasser and later hand the video to the police.

How does it work? The concept is easy: 40 police officers, who worked together with Tank, would stand in between two stations. Tank’s live feed of his recordings would catch the offender. By the time the train arrives at the station, the police would be waiting for them. Within the first 6 months, 140 offenders were caught and jailed.


For Tank, this case is not just something one person or an NGO could change, it’s about a whole system and mentality change.

Dipesh Tank was thought to respect women by his strong mother. After his father was diagnosed with a knot in his pancreas, his mother decided to start a catering business. At that time, she had to work over 12 hours a day, which meant that she had to come back home very late. People would talk badly about her, but this caused Tank to respect his mother even more.


Written by Mvslim

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