She Wants to Become the First Hijabi Arab Woman to Climb the Mount Everest

“In every exploratory expedition I go to, I am often the only veiled Arab among all the women, and the reaction is like ‘Oh my God!’ we did not know you were allowed to climb,” Manal Rostom said in an interview with the Arabic edition of Deutsche Welle, Nile FM reported.

She continued: “They do not know my abilities. The minute you wear the headscarf, you initially advertise yourself as a Muslim. So if you excel in your professional career, this changes the world’s views on who we are as Muslim women, and that’s what strengthens me every day.”

Rostom’s adventures started in 2009 when she climbed Mount St. Catherine out of experience and experimentation. She also participated in several marathons around the world in Luxor, Dubai, Kuwait, Amman, Jordan, Great Wall of China, London, and Madrid. Rostom was chosen as the first hijab Egyptian Arab woman to be the face of the international women’s sportswear company Nike. Her journey began for the first time at Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the highest mountain peak in the l

In 2013, she climbed Mount Kenya, the second highest peak in the world, at a height of 5,199 meters. While in 2015, she reached the highest peak in Europe and the fifth highest peak in the world, the summit of “Elbrus” in Russia with a height of 5,642 meters. And finally in 2016 Manal climbed the 3,563-meter-high Mount Himalaya base.

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