14 People Have Died After Severe Flooding in Malaysia

At least 14 people have been killed and 50,000 more have been displaced after severe flooding hit inner-city areas of Malaysia.

Since last week, the country has seen heavy downpours that have caused rivers to burst their banks, in turn, flooding major towns and cities along the coast. Though this may be pretty typical of the monsoon season which occurs at this time of year, the country hasn’t seen floods of this magnitude for decades.

Already, thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes by the national army and the number is only set to rise as some areas continue experiencing rainfall. Other parts have been left to fend for themselves after communication was cut due to the failure of several power lines and not only that but resources such as rescue boats and life jackets are also scarce.

According to the Guardian, the major areas affected are Pahang, where 14,000 people have had to be moved and also Selangor, where a further 10,000 have faced similar consequences.

Currently, it is unclear how many more people need rescuing.

Credit: YouTube / Global News

Prime Minister, Ismail Sabri Yaakob, spoke of his surprise at the severity of the situation during a press conference last weekend, saying: “The amount of rain that fell in Selangor yesterday… What fell in one day would usually fall in one month.”

Thankfully though, the water has receded from some cities, but home and business owners have been left devastated after seeing the damage that was left behind. From furniture that has been completely ruined, to whole entire building foundations that have caved in, many are not looking forward to dealing with the aftermath of monsoon season.

Lee Joon Kee, the owner of a souvenir shop, said he had only reopened a few days prior to the floods after closing for nearly two years due to coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s very sad but we have no choice. The only choice [we have is] to move on and clean out the mess, then we will continue our new chapter.”

The Malaysian government, who have been criticised by locals for their slow response, has promised to help out the victims of this tragic disaster via a scheme worth 100 million ringgit (approx. 18 million pounds), but there’s only so much money can do when livelihoods have been lost and people’s lives have been turned upside down.

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone else that has been affected by these floods. May Allah ease your pain.