“Set Your Own Standards!” – This Brilliant Girl Is the Youngest Graduate at the University of Toronto this Year

She’s only 17 years old and yet she’s already the youngest graduate of the University of Toronto of 2018. Sakina Rizvi, born in Kansas, finished high school at 14 years old. Her high school had an ability based learning model, which allows students to not be limited by a certain age and to let them excel at their own pace.

At university, she first started doing computer science and later on, she switched to history of religions after an optional course peaked her interest.

“I don’t have to look and see what others are doing and sort of use their standards to decide whether I should do something or not.” Sakina said to citynews, “I can set the standards myself and achieve the dreams and goals I want to, myself. As long as I am working hard and I am determined to get it done.”

The young graduate didn’t feel like she was treated any different than her peers, the most important thing was that she could do the assignments and keep up. The only times that there was a slight difference was when her parents dropped her off at university or when they had to sign permission forms. She was the only one under 18, so she couldn’t sign them herself.

The most important lesson she has learned from university is that marks don’t define you. “It’s very easy to get put down by the first bad test mark you get or something that didn’t go right. But a lot of it is about acquiring that knowledge and having a greater purpose doing so. “

Sakina is already taking next steps as we’re writing about her! She’s starting her master’s in Education this fall and wants to pursue a double PhD.

After all, age is just a number.

This article was written by Ghofrane Sbai 

Written by Mvslim

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