Scottish Couple Gives Away Free Hand Soap and Face Mask To Pensioners

While everyone is busy buying and selling as many face masks, hand sanitizers and hand soap as possible, not everyone seems to be able to get their hand on these highly demanded products. Especially elderly people are struggling to keep up with the quick reactions of the younger generations. This Scottish couple has decided to give away these products for free to all pensioners visiting their little store.

The Scottish couple Asiyah and Jawad Javed, who owns a small shop called Day Today Express in Stenhousemuir, Scotland, is giving away free face masks, hand sanitizers and hand soap for elderly people over 65 years old. Local pensioners can get these coronavirus “packages” at the store or, if they can’t go outside, delivered to their homes. 

source: The Sun

The couple told The SunOther shoppers are calling us stupid and saying, ‘why are you giving them away for free?’. But money is not everything, there will be the opportunity to make money in future.”

“We are trying to help the older people out, if they were young they would have got to the supermarket but some of them can’t because they are old.”

They have already given away 500 of these bags. For this small business, this generous move costs £2,000. 

Getting infected with the coronavirus is much more dangerous for elderly people. This is why we should be careful around them and try to protect them as much as possible.

Other countries and cities like Riyadh are also giving away free face masks to their citizens.