“To Save A Life is To Save All Humanity” – White Helmets Featured on Netflix

Over hundreds of bombings are happening in Syria daily and currently the world is only watching. While the opportunist take advantage during this civil war, despite what is happening, humanity is still surviving in the place where you could say humanity has died a long time ago.But. The white helmets show all of us how that is not the case when they are the ones who jump in to help innocent citizen who are caught up in between the chaos.

Their heroic mission has recently earned them a Nobel Peace Prize. Since then more of their heroic stories have been documented by the mainstream media. Countless stories about the survivors and how those who flee the chaos are tabled for the world to see.

Now, their story will be featured on Netflix. A short documentary was made and will be shown on the 16th of September 2016. A real life documentary of what is happening in Syria. How the white helmets gave their life to be the first to attend to the survivor who is caught in between the rubble and the aftermath of the atrocities taing place over there.

Their motto “To save a life is to save all humanity” is a reflection of what push them to keep doing what they are doing. Their only prerogative is to help the survivors. As they knew no one else will.

With this documentary featuring on Netflix and more attention given to this heroic action by the mainstream media it might force the world to do more to stop the war and save the agression against innocent civilians. The world is starting to wake up and we hope one day we could all wake up in the morning and hear the news of the war in Syria has ended.

Written by Hanna Lockman

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