Sarah Jessica Parker is Serving Us Modest Fashion Looks On This New HBO Series

While watching Sarah Jessica Parker play an unhappily married woman in the new HBO dark comedy, Divorce, I couldn’t help but notice her character’s chic-yet-surprisingly-conservative look. Let’s just say, you wouldn’t find these outfits in Carrie Bradshaw’s closet. For the entire first season, SJP dons mostly vintage dresses with high necklines, long sleeves, subtle prints, and hemlines that go beyond the knee. For Muslim girls who crave a modest and stylish wardrobe, SJP’S Divorce ensembles are serious goals.

“We wanted her looks to be more conservative, because we felt like that was in character, rather being showoff-y and peacock-y. We wanted them to be practical,” Divorce costume designer, Arjun Bhasin told InStyle about Parker’s wardrobe. “We didn’t want it to be trendy or loud and buzzy in terms of fashion and color. We wanted it to be elegant and simple and classic.”

The result: Modest fashion that can be worn at the office, out to dinner, or even at your local masjid (just add a headscarf). Here’s a few fashion tips via SJP when you want to look glam and modest at the same time:

Wear a Dress with a Cinched Waist

Nothing is more effortlessly chic than a flowing maxi dress, but it’s easy to get lost amongst all that fabric when you’re trying to keep most of your body covered. A dress with a cinched waist creates an hourglass silhouette, without revealing too much.

Rock an Oversized Sweater with an A-line Skirt

If you’re wondering how to wear your oversized sweater without looking frumpy, take a note from SJP and wear it with an A-line skirt for a comfy-yet-feminine look. Add mid-calf (or knee-high) boots and wool tights for extra coverage.

Keep the Prints Subtle

Prints are a fun and easy way to spice up an outfit, but if you’re going to wear it head-to-toe, keep it subtle for an understated cool-girl look. 

Cover-up in a Relaxed-fit blouse

A billowy blouse is ladylike and an excellent way to cover-up without getting weighed down. Its versatility (wear it with jeans or tucked into a skirt), makes this a must-have for every Muslim gal’s closet.  

A Good Tailor Goes a Long Way

Many of SJP’s vintage dresses were deconstructed and tailored to get the right sleeve lengths, necklines, and hemlines. Sometimes when you want the right amount of coverage and a perfect fit, a good tailor is the best way to make it happen.  

Divorce was just renewed for a second season — here’s to more SJP modest fashion inspo coming next year.

Written by Zeenie Malik

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Zeenie is a Pakistani-American journalist from New York, covering Muslim and South Asian news and culture. When she's not putting pen to paper, she's hosting charity events and watching '90s teen movies.