Salah Made Easy: The New Way of Teaching your Children How to Pray!

Salah is notoriously one of the hardest aspects of Islamic practices that kids have to learn.

From the pronunciation, to the movements, to remembering how to make wudhu. There are so many important parts of the Salah which we have to communicate to our kids from a young age. 

I think I have found the solution to this age old difficulty … the ‘My Salah Mat’. 

What is the My Salah Mat? 

The interactive prayer mat has been designed to assist in teaching young children from the age of 3 the Islamic prayer and after a week of use, my 3 year old daughter has not only been more versed in the Surahs recited through the prayer mat, she has become independent in making wudhu and making use of her mat.

I was rather surprised with the size of the prayer mat as it is quite large but came boxed in a medium sized box. Space-wise, this is totally convenient for people to store it away, as it doesn’t take up storage facilities. As a mother of three, I found that extremely useful. 

The mat also comes with an activity book, instructions and illustrated information on how to pray and how to perform ablution. The use of the pictures made it easy to explain the different steps and made it easy for me to discuss each step in more depth. 

At one point I had a thought that, if a new Muslim was raising children, this could be one of the most beneficial gifts for them as it would help so much in teaching kids how to pray and how to prepare for prayer. 

A Triple Threat: Battery Operated and Waterproof with Bright Colours! 

The prayer mat is battery operated which is great as there are no wires which would be hazardous. It also means we are able to move the mat easily from room to room and do not have to worry about being located close to an electric socket to operate it. Obviously, it would be annoying if you do not have batteries but it’s practical and child friendly. 

The bright colours used on the mat are quite fun and inviting.  My children were super excited before we even put the batteries in so in terms of the visuals, the product instantly attracted the kids and developed an immediate interest.

The material is waterproof which is every parents dream. This makes it easy to keep clean and prevents damages from any spillages.

My Daughter Now Loves Learning How to Pray

I love how this interactive prayer mat has enhanced the love for learning about Salah. Most of the time I find the children using the mat without me assisting or encouraging them. 

I didn’t have any major initial thoughts about the mat, until the batteries went in and I heard how clear the recitation was. Also, it is so straightforward to use that the kids can operate it themselves. 

Everything is ‘touch’ based and so the kids can be hands on which is amazing for learning. At one point we went through the different languages, and again, they were so clearly pronounced. This could also encourage children to learn new words in new languages.

Get Yours Now! 

The prayer mat retails for £44.99. Initially I thought this was quite pricey even though it’s clearly explained on the website what the prayer mat can do and how it works. After actually receiving the product, opening it and using it, I can most definitely vouch that it is worth the price.

It has an “auto-play” and so I do not have to physically be there to manage the children going through the actions of Salah. These small details are effective and make the product unique.

One of my daughters has recently turned 2 years old and although she is young, she is active in using the mat and following the actions that we went through from the book that was sent with the product. 

My children are very happy with this interactive prayer mat and I am very impressed with the features. It has given us a lot of beneficial activities to do during family time.

Make sure to visit to transform Salah time in your household today! 

Written by Ameena Roshae

Written by Mvslim

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