Riwaya: The Muslim Marketplace Taking On Amazon And Etsy

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Amazon and Etsy are two of the largest marketplaces on earth – but is there a silent third slowly sneaking away bits of the $4.8trn market right under their noses? 

With the potential to serve a quarter of the world’s population, who are the tech-savvy entrepreneurs behind this silent challenger? What makes them different? And will they succeed?

Who are the entrepreneurs behind Riwaya?

During the COVID-19 lockdown many Islamic businesses shut down and few had a way to sell their products online. Spotting this, a small group of 3 unsuspecting consultants and engineers spurred into action by hand-selecting high-quality Islamic items from across the world and bringing them onto one single easy to use platform.

They didn’t know it yet, but their initial mission to support struggling Islamic businesses was soon to become much much more. 

With the Muslim population in the west set to triple over the next few years and more small Independent Islamic businesses than ever before, demand for a place where you can buy and sell all the latest and best Islamic products and gifts skyrocketed.

Enter, Riwaya. Its tech was built to take the best of Amazon’s intense customer focus and combine it with the best of Etsys’ community-based approach. This has allowed it to provide a unique platform for consumers with a fine balance between an excellent range of choices, reasonable prices and a great experience full of meaning. 

And they didn’t forget about the businesses and sellers they initially set out to serve either.

They’ve just completed a web redevelopment which has enabled every seller to have free access to the Riwaya analytics tool.

How powerful is Riwaya Analytics? 

In today’s digital world data is priceless and with the help of Riwaya Analytics, sellers get free access to information that can take their business to the next level. 

What are some of the features included?  Instant access to sales reports, monthly reports, category reports, top performing products and much more. 

Riwaya analytics

Can I join as an Islamic business or seller?

Riwaya is a premium marketplace. So there is a seamless onboarding process all sellers have to pass through in order to check that their brand and items are in line with Riwaya guidelines. This is so customers can shop with confidence that they are only getting the best items.

If you have a business, Riwaya is onboarding sellers now – click here!

Riwaya for sellers

But why wouldn’t you just go to Amazon or Etsy?

We can give you 3 reasons why, but when you visit their store you’ll most likely find more.

  1. They empower independent Muslim brands and businesses with all the tools needed to take their brand to the next level.
  2. They make it easier for Muslims globally to find and get their items that fit their ethical and religious values.
  3. Every purchase goes towards supporting monthly charity initiatives.

To be fair, there is a fourth and it’s one of the most compelling reasons for the team here at Mvslim!

Riwaya means the preservation of traditions across generations. In a time where many Muslims are struggling with their identity and slowly losing touch with not just their religious but also cultural heritage, having a place to reconnect with your roots is beyond powerful.

It’s this community and ethical focus that sits at the heart of Riwaya business model which differentiates them from the Amazon juggernaut. 

GENz are increasingly becoming more and more conscious of where and how their products come from. With countless studies pointing to the fact, price is not the number one deciding factor for an increasingly growing segment of consumers. 

‘’90 percent of consumers from Generation Z say that companies have “a responsibility to address environmental and social issues,” according to McKinsey research’’

Understanding this is what makes Riwaya strong. They don’t need to compete with Amazon or Etsy on price. And they never intended to in the first place. 

Where they outshine the incumbents is by stealing away a growing segment of conscious Muslims who care about buying ethically and being connected to their favourite businesses and products with more than just their order number. 


Why is it cheaper to shop on Riwaya than Amazon or Etsy?

That being said, even on price they are very competitive with Etsy and Amazon. Etsy has a 5% + listing fees. Not only that it is incredibly difficult to filter, find and connect with Islamic sellers. Amazon charges anywhere from 20% on some of their categories!

Riwaya on the other hand has no listing and signing up fees. How do they run? They only take a 5% commission on items sold. 

This creates a win-win scenario for sellers as they have no up front cost but can list and benefit from the exposure to thousands of visitors who come to Riwaya with intent to purchase. 

But also for customers as the sellers can afford to price the items lower than if they had listed them on amazon or Etsy. 

Leading the future of Islamic online businesses?

Is this also the first step towards building a safe ecosystem in which Muslims can connect with each other, away from the capitalist driven companies that will compromise your privacy and use the priceless data they gather about you in ways that do not always serve your best interests. 

Riwaya you can be sure will always put people over profit. 

What can you find on Riwaya?

Everything from oudhs to wall art to jewellery. If you’re making a last-minute gift shop you can trust Riwaya to have a quality range to shop from and delivery partners to ensure it reaches your loved ones on time. Or maybe you’re simply just looking for your favourite Quran, Riwaya is building one of the largest online collections! 

Whatever the occasion, Riwaya seeks to be there for you and deliver. Just a few months ago they had around 300 products. Now that number is 1200 and growing exponentially every week!

Here are the top 6 Islamic products and brands we picked out from their collection

Best Islamic gifts and brands

  1. Oudh Shop
  2. Art for Heart
  3. UB Jewels
  4. Silverlight Decor
  5. Ezmeel
  6. Islamic Bazaar

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