Ride-hailing application Uber tests food delivery in Indonesia during Ramadan

Ride-hailing application Uber is testing out its food delivery service in Muslim-majority Indonesia in an effort to gain users during the Islamic fasting month.

The month-long service, called UberBuka, in reference to what Indonesians say for fast breaking, allows users to order their evening fast-breaking meal from selected restaurants through the Uber mobile application.

“This is the first Ramadan on-demand food delivery service for Uber,” Alan Jiang, acting general manager for Uber Indonesia, told The Wall Street Journal. He said that, out of the 300 cities where Uber operates, the promotion is only available in Jakarta.


Under UberBuka, users can choose one of two meals offered from Monday to Friday between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. during the holy month, when Muslims abstain from food and drink between dawn and dusk. According to Mr. Jian, the service will run until July 15. He assures that the food arrives within 10 minutes of the order being placed. Users that don’t get their food within 10 minutes, can send their complaints to the company via email. He added that Uber will respond to every message within 24 hours.

Written by Soufyan Harraoui

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