Revert Stories: From Music To Sujood – Sheikha Golani’s Story

Coming to Islam is not always easy. We at Mvslim want to share the stories of those who have chosen to believe in Allah as the one true God and support them in their journey, through our community. 

Sheikha Golani is an author and social media influencer. And here is her revert story; 

Her Childhood

Sheikha grew up in Norway in a small town where all of her friends were Norweigian. She was raised to not stand out and to fit into society. They weren’t religious or traditional at all. Islam was something so foreign to her and her family as she spent her early life celebrating Easter and Christmas. 

Her grandparents were Muslim but she was never taught about the faith or how to pray. But as a child, Sheikha believed that there was a God. When she was 10 years old, she once told her aunt that she spoke to God everyday. 

Familial Influences

Sheikha’s mother went through many trials including some difficult tests with her health. This had a huge impact on how Sheikha viewed God and she described that she felt quite angry and this led her to detach from her personal relationship with faith. 

Her dad was a musician and her mum was a singer and so naturally Sheikha began to dabble in the music industry and also went to university to study acting. 

Searching for Happiness

While at university, Sheikha still found herself searching and not content. She had so much but did not feel the happiness that she was looking so hard for. She described that even as her music career started to take off, she still felt a ‘profound sadness’.

Sheikha was married before she reverted and this relationship was only adding to her sadness during this period of her life. The marriage was extremely unjust and it affected her heavily. 

The culmination of all the different aspects of her life, led to her contemplating sucide and she attempted to take her own life. 

Finding Faith

At this point, her mother felt that the only solution was to turn to God. Sheikha described that she felt so desperate and numb as her mum instructed her to do Ghusl and guided her in how to pray her salah for the first time ever. 

Sheikha recalls that she did not know what she was saying as she recited Surah Fatiha and Surah Ikhlas but as she put her head into sujood, all her pain and her past was detached from her. She described that it felt like the connection between her past and current self had been cut and she had been somewhat ‘reborn’.

Dedicating herself to Islam

That feeling pushed Sheikha to transform her life and fully commit to Islam. She dived in to learning about the religion and sharing her journey and understanding of the faith with her followers. Sheikha is now in a happy marriage and she does not hide her faith from the world. She embraces the path of Islam and proudly platforms it on her social media. 


How to Support Sheikha and Where to Find Her?

She uses her tiktok and Instagram following of over 80k, to teach people about the faith, showcase forgotten sunnahs and encourage people to realise the beauty in submitting to Allah. 

Sheikha has now transformed her story into an amazing book of poetry called ‘Darkness to Light’ which can be purchased here. Please support Sheikha by purchasing the book and sharing this article with others!

Thank you Sheikha for sharing your story with us at Mvslim and we pray that Allah keeps you steadfast! 

Written by Hafsah Dabiri

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