Remembering Syrian Children: A Thousand Stories Lost At Sea

As the Syrian war enters its 12th year, an entire generation of Syrian children are growing up as refugees. They have never seen nor have any memory of their homeland. They are forced to live in inhumane, bitter conditions, and these 2.7 million children are supposed to be the ‘lucky’ ones.

The UN estimates there are on average two children drown every day trying to reach safety in Europe and this poem was written to highlight the plight of Syrian children, many of whom had bright futures ahead of them, only for their story to be cut short at the hands of both the Criminal Syrian Regime and European Government policies.

With so many issues around the world, it is easy to forget there are still millions of children that need our help and it is our responsibility to replace their sad memories with happy new ones, instil hope and re-connect the many thousands who have been disconnected from their loved ones. 

A thousand 
Stories lost at sea.
Half, only a few sentences long
Slammed shut 
Never to be seen.

Open one book, and you’ll hear
A million conflicts raging, 
Bombs flying, faint whispers calling.

Confused, you notice  
Blood stained chapters
Ripped out violently

You close the book, grieved.

A hundred thousand 
Unfinished endings
Thrown into oceans, camps & dungeons
Forgotten, tortured and broken.

Waiting to be heard.
Waiting to be remembered.

Put pen to paper.
Don’t let them wait any longer.
Write colourful new memories.
Reunite lost pages.

Give them,
Hope, courage and 
A happy new beginning.

Stories Lost at Sea
By Ibrahim Dayyan

As a community, we have a long and proud tradition of helping those fleeing war and persecution a chance to rebuild their lives in safety. From Andalus to Istanbul, we have a legacy to preserve and a commitment to the Ummah to honour.

Here are 10 ways to do that:

  1. Donate cash
  2. Donate goods
  3. Spread the word
  4. Fundraise for causes that help them
  5. Share refugee stories
  6. Welcome a refugee by hosting them in your home
  7. Invest in a refugee’s future by funding their education 
  8. Employ refugees 
  9. Stay informed about the affairs of your brothers and sisters. 
  10. Encourage your university/school to offer refugee scholarships

Written by Ibrahim

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