Things You Can Do to Reap Rewards While on Your Period During Ramadan

People assume that being on your period during Ramadan should feel like a blessing, but somehow it always feels more like a curse.

Never mind the constant hush-hush about the subject between male family members (which is utterly ridiculous, by the way), let’s talk about the vengeance that the time-of-the-month returns with during Ramadan. Of course, if you’ve kept a few long fasts already, your body is already pretty exhausted just trying to come to terms with the new routine, but add PMS into the mix and you’re suddenly on the brink of an existential crisis. Or is that just me? Yikes.

Anyway, the physical pain aside, what truly feels the most burdensome is the guilt that comes with feeling disconnected from Allah, especially during such an important time like Ramadan. No fasts, no salah, no Quran. I don’t blame you for feeling a little helpless, it happens to a lot of women. But thankfully, there are a few things you can do on your period to help you keep your Iman (faith) high.

Here are our top picks.

5. Dua, dua, dua!

Making dua should be a consistent aspect of your life anyway, but increasing it during the time-of-the-month is essential in keeping connected to Allah.

4. Reading wudu when it’s prayer time.

This point, in particular, helps me keep within my typical routine. However, instead of praying, I revert to making dua or reading the English translation of the Quran (see point 2 for more detail on the latter option).

3. Feeding others!

You can reap rewards from preparing food for those who have been fasting. Plus it’s a fun time to try out new recipes while you, yourself, aren’t as low on energy as you would be if you had been fasting all day. Extra brownie points if you choose to hold an iftaar dinner at your house.

2. Reading the English translation of the Quran / Listening to Quran recitations.

Even though menstruating women can’t touch the original or Arabic forms of the Holy Quran, it is permissible to read translations in English without wudu, which is what I often find myself doing during my period and this isn’t just exclusive to Ramadan. It gives me a deeper understanding so that when I do return to the original form, I feel even better connected to it.

If you would much rather listen to recitations, that is a good option too, but be careful that you’re not personally reciting long verses of it yourself, as it has been deemed impermissible by some to do so. I tend to avoid this option unless it is just short snippets because I often fall into the trap of repeating what I hear.

1. Increasing your knowledge.

Now it’s no secret that you have more free time and after the initial few days, more energy during this week, so it’s a good idea to increase your knowledge about the religion as much as you possibly can. Read stories, go out and seek information, visit historical landmarks, learn new duas, memorise as many facts as possible so that you feel better connected to the religion as a whole.

Those are just a few of our picks to help you guys out. If you’ve got any more good suggestions, let us know via our Instagram @MVSLIM! We’d love to hear them!