Ramadan in Sweden – Fasting In a Country Where The Moon Is Rarely Seen

Ramadan in Sweden. The experience is indeed unique, and the experience is indeed special. Here, we have some of the longest fasting days on the entire globe and so the ummah from this part of the world needs to find within itself extra strength to be able to make it through the long days where the sun seems to never want to set and the moon is rarely seen.

The northernmost part of the country has a sun that never sets, and thus they are forced to follow the Maccan fasting times. Down around the capital’s area, Stockholm, believers fast for around 20 hours. And in the southern parts, the times can lower themselves to around 19 hours.

Sweden is home to around half a million Muslims, and of course the blessed month gives them an opportunity to connect with each other and gather around the many iftars that are organized by the local masjids spread out throughout the country. One masjid in the capital city, named masjid Ayesha, offers free iftar meals every night at Maghrib time, and everyone is welcome, Muslims as well as non-Muslims.

This year, the first day of the holy month of Ramadan coincides with Sweden’s national day. This hopefully will lead to an awakening of the collective consciousness of the country’s people towards a heightened sense of unity between the country’s Muslim minority and non-Muslim majority.

With all of this said, Sweden wishes you and your loved ones a happy and blessed Ramadan.

This article is written by Joey Belmondo

Written by Mvslim

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