Ramadan – What it Shouldn’t be Like

Ramadan is a much awaited month in the Muslim community. But it is easy to fall for the traps and make mistakes which take the essence out of this blessed month. A look at what not to do during Ramadan.

  1. Fight over the occurrence of the moon.

“I saw the moon!” “No, I didn’t see the moon!” “Ramadan begins today.” “Ramadan begins tomorrow” “I saw the moon clearly!” “Nonsense, it’s too cloudy to see anything.” Oh my God stop getting into a war over the sighting of the moon. It is not necessary for everybody to see the moon. Legally, even if one person in the entire region sees the moon, it counts. Even if no one has seen it, Ramadan/Eid cannot be delayed by more than two days. So stop your bickering and whining.


  1. Sleep your way through Ramadan

We get it. Not eating for the whole day is tiring business. But the whole point of Ramadan is to ask forgiveness for your sins and do more worship and dhikr of Allah and earn good deeds, not eat suhur, *snore* and then wake up for iftar.

Note: The excuse about sleeping being a reward because you are not accounted for your deeds in sleep? True, but old, man, old.

  1. Overeat in suhur, overeat at iftar

Eat a sustainable suhur, something which can keep you going through the day. Similarly, don’t gorge yourself at iftar to the point that you can hardly move. Instead, eat in small portions in gaps of every two hours. There’s no need to eat till you bloat.

  1. Acting like Ramadan is an ultimate 30 day fitness program

“Do you know I’m not supposed to eat and drink the whole day? I’ll have soooo much time to exercise! Think of all the calories I’ll lose by not bingeing on snacks every hour. It’ll be like a detox program!” Fine. But that’s not Ramadan. It’s not an exercise period, and it’s definitely not a challenge to see how many pounds you lose in 30 days. (Me personally, I always gain, man. I hate losing.)

  1. Cooking. Cooking.

Browsing through 134 food blogs. Dusting the covers of 385 cookbooks dating back from your grandmother’s time. Filling 12,392 pages with your “notes”. Preparing for extensive dishes at suhur. Spending 5 hours in the kitchen making iftar. I’m exaggerating a little (hopefully). But seriously, you’re wasting spending the whole time prepping for iftar? The whole day? The period which is blessed? Instead of asking forgiveness and worshipping Allah? Get real, guys. This is not it.

  1. Countdown to iftar

There will always be that one person who’ll update the whole family about how much time there is left for iftar. The countdown will begin as early as Fajr. This person fasts all day to feast at iftar. This person is cranky, irritating, and annoying the whole day, and lives for iftar time. This person is the happiest while eating. Instead of praying and making dua at the time of iftar, this person is willing to make the clock to move faster. If, God forbid, you try to delay this person’s iftar, for whatever reason, this person can, and will, murder you. DO not be this person.

Try not to do these things over the course of these 30 days. Happy Ramadan!

This article is written by Anam Shaikh 

Written by Mvslim

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