Ramadan Shopping: Currently the World’s Summer Version of Christmas

Muslims may not have that many official holidays (only two) but they do have a whole month that is dedicated to becoming a better person. And I think many of us can agree that with becoming a better person, there comes a greater need for suitable options within the closet, right? Right. Every sunset is a celebration, a thumbs up to yourself for being stronger than your urges. I think your discipline makes you deserve that long dress you saw passing by multiple times in your Tumblr feed!

In places where people engage, there is money. So, how are great names in the fashion industry dealing with this? We know that several weeks before the Christmas holidays shops come out with festive dresses and three piece suits with all kinds of patterns on it. We’ve noticed that some big brands are also getting influenced by the Ramadan period and seeing the potential revenue in it.

Moda Operandi, for example, has created a line which has plenty of long and wide – yet beautiful – robes that perfectly match this time of the year. Matching it with the necessary jewelery, handbags and shoes.

Tommy Hilfiger also put its spotlights on this current event. They created an 11 piece collection. These pieces are available in middle east countries, reaching only a small amount of the Muslim population worldwide. There are many Western counties with a great number of Muslims where Muslim women have trouble finding suitable clothes for this time of the year. Take North America for example, it is inhabited with 9 million Muslims but many shops get passed by during this “Ramadan rush” due to the lack of target focus. A gap in the market, wouldn’t you say?

Muslim women tend to look for differentiation in their outfit during this period. They dress up with the intention to look good yet modest at the same time, as a way of expressing their inner joy and engagement during Ramadan. Many of these women, who have financial stability, are willing to pay a little bit more than usual to have those three special robes that make other women wonder where they got them from.

As the Muslim population stabilizes in the Western countries and many of the fashion markets get saturated, there will come a time in the near future where this happening cannot be ignored any longer. Even by the fashion brands with the greatest revenue. We’re already looking forward to it.

Written by Donjetë Vuniqi

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Donjetë Vuniqi is a 20-year-old International Marketing student, realistic with a bit of optimism. If travelling didn't cost money, she would never remain at the same spot longer than a few days.