Ramadan Countdown: 5 Steps to Prepare Yourself for the Holy Month

Yes, you’re reading that right… we are only two months away from the most important month of the year: Ramadan. And like every year, the level of excitement and stress is very high! But here are some fun and useful tips and tricks to prepare yourself for this year’s Ramadan.  

Prepare your body 

The best way to prepare your body for Ramadan is by doing voluntary fast days. These will help your body get used to the no-food-till-sunset routine. It is also a great way to make up for any of the missed fasts from last year (If you still have any, NOW IS THE TIME!!). 

But you can also prepare your body by changing your eating and drinking habits. Try to reduce your coffee intake bit by bit, so you don’t end up with a bad headache on the first day of Ramadan. 

Also, try to snack less during the day and eat three proper meals. This way your body will get used to a longer period without food intake. 

And for those of you who smoke, you should also try to wean off your smoking habit. Ramadan is actually the best opportunity for you to stop smoking! 

Lastly, but most importantly, try to regulate your sleep. It makes no sense to go through Ramadan while sleeping during day and being awake at night. This is not the way it should be. So, try to stop these late-night Netflix marathons and go to bed early. Waking up for suhoor will be so easier if you go to bed early! 

Get into the Ramadan mood 

We all love the authentic Ramadan mood we experience during the holy month. Families and friends coming together, enjoying delicious food, visiting the local mosque for prayers… But why don’t we start a bit earlier? 

A great way to experience the beauty of Ramadan before the actual month is by visiting and inviting your friends or family. Sharing food and stories is one of the most basic but important connector between people. So how about setting a weekly date for that. And to make it more special, include an Islamic or Ramadan inspired talk after the eating part. Or read a chapter from a book about the life of the Prophet together. There are so many good books out there that talk about the meaning and purpose of Ramadan. Maybe that is something for you? 

Include the kids

Although kids might be only excited about Ramadan because of the presents they get at Eid celebration, Ramadan would get more meaningful for them if they experience it while knowing the story behind it. So for this coming next two months you could change the usual bedtime stories by stories about Ramadan. This way, kids will also understand what the real meaning of this holy month is. 

Another way to get kids excited for Ramadan, is by preparing an iftar for kids. Sit down with your kids and plan a kids iftar for all their friends. This way they will be involved in the planning, cooking and hosting part. EXCITING, right? 

Menu planning 

We all know the struggle of having no idea what to cook anymore during Ramadan. To avoid this annoying experience, you can start planning your menu. It does have to be a daily menu plan, but just a list of all your favorite dishes, from salads, soups, meat dishes, fish dishes, vegan dishes, desserts, cakes, to drinks. Basically everything you like to eat!

And since you still have some time left, how about trying some new recipes. Get some new cooking books from different cuisines and try them out so you know if you like them or not and afterwards add the best ones to your list. 

Decorate, decorate, decorate!!

Decoration makes the difference. It does not matter if it is a DIY project you plan to do or if you would rather buy it in store, as long as you create a nice and warm atmosphere at home for everyone to enjoy. 

Lanterns, mosques, lights, moons, stars, posters, calendars, drawings, ….. there are so many options to choose from. It would also be a great project to do with your kids.