Ramadan 101: What you need to know about this Holy Month

What is Ramadan, some of you may ask? Ramadan, also called the holy month, is actually the name of the 9th month of the Islamic calendar. During this month, Muslims from all over the world fast from sunrise until sunset. It’s one of the pillars of the Islam to fast during the month of Ramadan. Every adult is obligated to fast, except those who are suffering from an illness, are traveling, are elderly or pregnant. When fasting, Muslims cannot eat, drink (and yes, not even water) or have sexual intercourse.

But Ramadan is much more. Muslims don’t fast just to remember the poor. It goes beyond that. Not eating anything gives Muslims time to focus on other things, like their religion for example. During the Ramadan, Muslims pray more and they recite the Quran each day. It’s more about seeking nearness to God spiritually and being more pious.

What I like about this month is that it’s a great annual moment of reflection. Muslims are called upon to use this month to re-evaluate their lives in light of Islamic guidance and as a person. To try to improve yourself as a person.

The last ten days of Ramadan are very special days in the life of every Muslim. According to Muslims, they are the most blessed days in the month of Ramadan. It’s when the Quran was revealed.

The Sugar Feast (Eid al Fitr) marks the end of the Ramadan. During this holiday Muslim families come together and celebrate the end with a lot of sweets.

I hope you all have a blessed Ramadan,
Ramadan Kareem!

Written by Assia Loutfi

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Assia is a 21-year- old digital media student. She has a big passion for the Japanese culture and loves tea. In her spare time she likes to read books and watch television series.