Rafika Alami did it: Senior Quote of the Year

Meet Rafika Alami, 17 years old, studying at Summit High School in California. Her yearbook photo and quote is going viral. Why? Because it’s legendary.


Nailed it.

She just thought it would be funny and didn’t expect it to spread all over Twitter and Tumblr. Alami told BuzzFeed that the reactions have been great. A lot of people have told her they love her self-confidence.

In an email to The Huffington Post she writes: ‘I meant it in no way offensively, just humorously. The reactions have been great. Most of the comments consist of ‘slay’ or ‘GOAT’ (Greatest of All Time). A lot of girls are telling me that I’ve inspired them to be confident, which makes me feel great. I think it’s important that girls feel more confident.’ ‘I’m getting a lot of ‘slay’ and ‘G.O.A.T.’ comments [ed: “greatest of all time”],” she said. ‘There are a very small handful of people saying I’m putting girls down, but I’m really not.’

And Rafika’s doing pretty great, she announced on Twitter that she was accepted to University of California, Riverside.

Congratulations girl!

Written by Hanan Challouki

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