Prime Minister of Canada invites Muslims for Iftar at 24 Sussex

Following the example of Obama, the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper invited Muslim leaders on Monday to break the Ramadan fast with him at his official residence.


According to Harper’s office, the Prime Minister made Canadian history, since it was the first time for Canadian prime minister to organize an Iftar at his official residence. The relations between the Muslim community and the Conservative government have not always been easy. The government is often criticized for focusing too much on the radical elements within Islam, instead of reaching out to Muslims.

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But on Monday evening, the tensions seemed to have disappeared. In his speech, The Prime Minister said: “Like so many others, the followers of Islam have, overwhelmingly, come to Canada, seeking freedom, opportunity and tolerance… This house belongs ultimately to all Canadians.”


Source: The Huffington Post

Written by Moussa Radi

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Moussa Radi studies Political Communication. His main interests lie in the interaction between media, politics and public.