Police Women Can Now Wear Their Hijab in Scotland

If there is anything Scotland should be commended for this week, it is for giving policewomen the option to wear the hijab as part of their uniform. This decision could not be better timed, as the #BurqiniBan in France has taken the world by storm. The Burqini ban takes away the simple choice to visit a beach whilst being modestly dressed. Now, the action will result in a fine.

Scotland Police announced on Twitter that Muslim policewomen can choose to wear the hijab as part of the uniform in the bid to make sure that the police are representative of all the communities they serve.

Previously, Muslim women had to seek permission to cover their hair in uniform but this barrier has now been lifted; Scotland Police are following in the footsteps of London where the hijab has been part of the uniform for about a decade.

Though the decision is basically a kick up France’s backside, making the hijab optional is part of an ongoing plan to increase recruitment into the police force within ethnic minorities. Phil Gormley, the chief constable believes that this decision will do much more than just help with recruitment –

“I hope that this addition to our uniform options will contribute to making our staff mix more diverse and adds to the life skills, experiences and personal qualities that our officers and staff bring to policing the communities of Scotland.”

Muslims and non-Muslims alike have rallied to applaud Scotland Police, for restoring some goodness by not dictating what women can/can’t wear. Now Canada has followed suit as Muslim women who service the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are allowed to wear the hijab too.

Scotland Police, we salute you!

Written by Foreda Begum

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Foreda is a proud East Londoner working in the social media advertising industry. Her passions span from current affairs to obsessing over the Lord of the Rings.