These People Are Empowering Palestinian Refugee Women by Making Accessories

If someone did you right and you are looking for a way to pay it forward, you have clicked on the right article.

Child’s Cup Full is a “non-profit social enterprise” based in the West Bank dedicated to providing jobs for refugee and low-income mothers in Palestine. Founded by Dr. Janette Habashi, the organization employs artisan woman to make children’s toys and life accessories for the international market.


For every $11,000 raise, Child’s Cup Full can train and employ two women for six months, thereby aiding to feed their families as well. Their goal is to train and employ 30 refugee and low-income mothers by 2016. Money donated helps train artisans and purchases equipment like sewing machines. It is a small organization, so all contributions make a difference!


Their goal is $25,000, and they’ve raised almost $16,000 so far. Their deadline is fast approaching, so please consider following the link below to donate!

Written by Sara Halimah

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Sara is a student at the University of Minnesota, studying Global Studies and Anthropology. She enjoys readings that challenge assumptions, good pens to take notes with, and snacks for the discussion along the way . Reading Suggestion: Palestinian Women by Fatma Kassem