People Are Showing Solidarity With Minorities Targeted By European Court’s Ruling on Religious Symbols

The European Court of Justice ruled on Tuesday March 14th that companies are allowed to ban and fire employees if they carry a sign of their religion.

As a response to that rule the A-council of a college in Antwerp, Belgium came with a beautiful initiative. Their main purpose is to stimulate diversity by creating out of the box events on their campuses. They stand behind the idea of “My head, my choice”. Everyone should be able to decide what he/she wears on his/her head. In solidarity with all those affected by the ECJ’s ruling they spread the message via Facebook and asked people to go and work with a headscarf for one day.

They set up a meeting with everyone who believes in the individual freedom and freedom of choice, they put on a headscarf or turban and took a picture together, using the hashtag #ThenFireMeToo.

We gathered some beautiful pictures of that day for you.


Written by Mvslim

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