Paul Pogba Uses His Football Earnings to Invest in Muslim Businesses

Former Manchester United football star, Paul Pogba, has recently started using his earnings to invest in business, specifically to benefit the Muslim community.

The 29-year-old has been making investments primarily into Muslim fintech businesses, as a way of securing his future off of the pitch. As revealed by a study conducted by The Sunday Times, Pogba is currently the wealthiest footballer in the UK, coming in at £77 million (approx. $94,163,300), so it seems as though he’s planning on using that money wisely and also helping benefit the Muslim community as a whole too.

One of the businesses he’s directed his attention to is none other than online ethical investment platform, Wahed Invest. According to Bloomberg UK, the French footballer is spending “an undisclosed sum on a stake in Wahed…”

“It’s to help those people invest in the halal way,” he told the outlet back in May. “It was something that came from my heart, to be honest.”

Credit: Instagram / @wahedinvest

Starting out as an ambassador for the New York-based company, it seems as though Pogba’s position changed to an investor after talking more with the founder, Junaid Wahedna, at a meeting in Manchester last September. According to Bloomberg, the two “hit it off”, and he’s now exploring all possible options with Wahed, as one would when the Islamic banking industry was valued at approximately $2.7 trillion just last year.

Wahed intends to reduce financial inequality and exclusion by offering faith-based, financial solutions for Muslims. They’re not only backed by other celebrity ambassadors such as UFC World Champion and BBC Sports Personality of the year 2020, Khabib Nurmagomedov, but they’re also supported by Islamic scholars and advisors too.

On these big investments, Pogba revelaed that he’s “not afraid” to lose money having come from a disadvantaged background where he had little to start off with.

“I learned that to earn your money, you need to work hard,” he told the publication. “…Don’t be afraid of investing, and just live with a short amount.”

This is just one of a few investments it is rumoured that the footballer will be making so watch this space.