Our Story

Mvslim is an online community that encourages creativity, self-development and entrepreneurship. Mvslim is founded by Taha Riani and Hanan Challouki, supported by a group of writers and artists, who share their experiences, daily lives and tips on a wide range of topics. Their goal is to inspire and motivate you and each other. Mvslim unites people from different backgrounds and cultures, not only to create a strong community of Muslims, but to make the world of Muslims more accessible to others. Sharing stories and keeping an open mind is what Mvslim is all about.

Mvslim | The story.

Mvslim started with a discussion, about the needs and wishes of today’s Muslim community. Just a few people, talking about today’s modern society and how Muslims fit in. We felt like a lot of people don’t know who Muslims are and how diverse this community is. We thought it’s time to show them.

If you’re a non-Muslim: think about what a Muslim looks like to you. I bet you immediately pictured a woman with a headscarf, maybe wearing a long skirt. Or a man with a beard. It’s OK to think that, because sometimes it’s true. But there is so much more to a Muslim’s lifestyle than how to wear hijab or how to fashion a beard. And this is how we started Mvslim. From the point of view that diversity is an asset. Showing it to people is just an enrichment.

We went online and started looking for the ideal platform for Muslims. A platform where Muslims can share their views, concerns and lifestyle topics with each other and with non-Muslims. But we didn’t find something that satisfied the needs we believe are more present than ever. So we started building one ourselves. And you’re looking at the result right now.

Mvslim | Inspires.

Be creative, venturous and daring. Mvslim will inspire you to take your ideas to the next level. Next thing you know, it will be you who’s inspiring the world.

Inspiration is like a spark. It can happen when you’re reading a book, watching a movie, doing groceries. It’s that one thing that enlightens you, activates your brain so you become in that state where you can practically draw the imaginary light bulb above your head. Great ideas start with this spark. Isaac Newton simply saw an apple fall from a tree and it inspired him to formulate the theory of gravitation. J.K. Rowling needed a delayed train before she came up with her Harry Potter stories. Inspiration is everywhere. And MVSLIM will help you find it.

Our writers share their experiences, daily events and tips on a wide range of topics. Check out their posts daily and become inspired.

Mvslim | Motivates.

We bet you want to realize a bunch of amazing and world-changing projects. Yet often, leaving the couch seems the hardest thing there is. Mvslim will give you the necessary push and motivate you to work hard and achieve your goals.

Talents are natural qualities. Skills are only developed through hard work. And to find the motivation to keep working and never giving up, is the key to a successful life. Whether you want to be the next bestselling author, become a high school teacher or climb Mount Everest. Anything is possible when you’re motivated enough.

You want proof? Check out our posts about great writers, charismatic speakers, talented artists, smart entrepreneurs and students, who all have two things in common: they are Muslims and they are motivated.

Mvslim | Unites.

Bringing people together is one of Mvslim’s most important goals. To unite Muslims, to create a strong community of self-conscious people who will stand up for themselves and for others. But also to create a bridge between Muslims and non-Muslims. Our worlds do not differ as much as many think or want to believe.

Muslims are not aliens and Mvslim does not plan to alienate the Muslim community. Mvslim is accessible to anyone who is interested and has an open mind when it comes to cultural and religious differences.

We invite you to take a look at the daily lives of Muslims around the globe. It will allow Muslims and non-Muslims to realize what they share: humanity.

How a unique platform will conquer the world

Our purpose is as ambitious as the millennials that are transforming our world today: to inspire the next generation to aim for the extraordinary.


This means first of all that we want to reach the audience of Muslim millennials on a daily basis. We produce content that is both creative, accessible and attractive, to create a platform that millennials can relate to. We provide role models and active storytelling to have an impact on young people’s personal ambitions and aspirations.


To reach our audience, we use social media in every productive way possible, which fits our young and innovative brand and appearance. This includes a range of different social media and video formats we experiment with to deliver messages and to present our ideas in various ways.


When it comes to our audience, we put the emphasis on the fact that this is a diverse community. Millennials can only be acknowledged when they are not labeled into one corner and when their diversity is being recognized. We find this very important and stress this in every way of our functioning: the different backgrounds of our team members, the variety of perspectives in the stories we bring and the tools we use to connect with our audience.

Our content aims to not only inspire millennials, but to break the already existing stereotypes that are very present in our society. By telling the stories of ambitious and creative people, we motivate our audience to aim high and we make it clear to others that they need to let go of their stereotypical and unrealistic thoughts.