Oprah Winfrey presents ‘Belief’ – and it’s exactly what society needs today

Oprah’s new ‘Belief’ Series discovers a large spectrum of spiritual experiences, with great attention to personal stories and struggles. It is something our society needs badly today, because it shows a more personal and relatable image of religion – or lack thereof – instead of portraying spirituality as a mindless mass experience. It focuses on larger and smaller religions, and how everyone is looking for answers to life’s great questions. She tries to bring exceptional stories, for example that of the American Muslim-convert Jordan Richter, who takes part in the hajj to Mecca.

It is a type of story that enables outsiders to understand the religious experience from within. In the daily news you don’t get these types of personal stories, and that’s a shame.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYJMsKFM3F8&w=560&h=315]

Focussing on the individual is a great way to create empathy between people from different spiritual backgrounds. It encourages communication instead of isolation. It shows that we are part of a diverse human race, and our duty is to work together toward understanding of each other. It inspires peace.

Written by Levi Engels

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Levi Engels is a 22-year-old language student with a passion for Arabic and English. He likes documentaries, humans, philosophy, and art. He enjoys debates and challenging his own views.