Nusrat Ghani Is The First Female Muslim Minister To Speak In British Parliament

Nusrat Ghani, a British Pakistani, became the first female Muslim minister to speak in the British House of Commons. She is member of the Conservative Party as Minister of Transport; a true example for every (Muslim) woman around the world.

Charities and Broadcasting

Nusrat Ghani was born and raised in Birmingham. After graduating from the Birmingham City University, she finished her master’s degree at the Leeds University after which starting her career working for various charities, like Age UK (i.e. a charity supporting older people) and Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Later, Ghani even kicked it on the BBC world service, the world’s largest international broadcaster.

A Unicum in British Politics

In 2010, Ghani started to bring her political ambitions to life and became a candidate for the Conservative Party in Birmingham. Ever since, she kept climbing the political ladder. In 2017, she had 61% of the votes in the general elections in Wealden which resulted in a promotion to the Parliamentary Private Secretary at the Home Office. Now, she officially is the first Muslim woman to speak for the Government in the Commons, as she celebrated that historical achievement on Twitter.