Not All Muslims Are Arabs: #BlackMuslimRamadan on Twitter

As Ramadan is coming to an end, lots of non-Muslims have learned what this month means to the 1.6 billion Muslims, what they eat and how they celebrate it. Or maybe not?

The whole idea of Ramadan, being about spirituality and starving the body to feed the soul is the same, but the iftar time is different for every culture. The one we hear more about is the Arab culture, which actually represents less than 15% of the total Muslim population. Yes, we are the ones that eat harira, baklava and drink mint tea. But there are other rich cultures celebrating Ramadan as well.

This is the idea behind #BlackMuslimRamadan, started by the anthropologist Donna Auston. Her goal was to give a voice to the black Muslim community inside of the “Ramadan Around The World” articles and the Muslim world in general, given that they often experience racism from other Muslim cultures. Reading some of the tweets, there are two things to be learnt: Firstly, the plurality of Islam is astonishing, and secondly, we are all dying to taste some bean pie.

Source: Buzzfeed

Written by Miriam Hatibi

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