Noor Tagouri has a message for young women with a dream : Hustle hard!

Noor Tagouri has definitely become a huge sensation. If you haven’t heard about her you’ve probably read about her somewhere. She has become an inspiration to many women across the globe. As a journalist with a dream she motivates other women to pursue their dreams just like she is, but how does she feel about being this example to many women? And who are her great inspirations? We asked her a few questions that allow us to get to know Noor a bit better.

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You always say you knew you wanted to be a journalist since you were little, but why was that exactly?

You know how some people are just naturally good at sports? And art? Well, I sucked at both. What I WAS good at, was asking questions. I wanted a job doing THAT. And then I found out they had a name for it: journalist.

What would you be doing now if you weren’t a journalist?

Hm, probably creative writing. Writing books. Maybe studying law.

Besides Oprah, who’s your true inspiration?

MY MOTHER. Lisa Ling is another huge inspiration for me.

What have you learned since you started with “Let Noor Shine” ?

That absolutely anything is possible. It’s an overused phrase, but REALLY, anything is possible. And that pursuing our passions is more important than ever settling for a life that doesn’t make us happy.

You’re seen as an inspiration for many Muslim women, how do you feel about that?

I never really think about it. It rarely hits me. I just do what I would be doing regardless of who was following. But whenever I am reminded that people are inspired by me, I feel humbled and honoured.

You have gotten a lot of positive reactions so far, but do you receive criticism?

Every damn day. But it means absolutely nothing to me.

If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would that be?

DO NOT BE ASHAMED OF WHO YOU ARE. KEEP YOUR HEAD HIGH AND PLEASE BE YOURSELF. Everyone is insecure and struggling with something. You are NOT alone.

Finally we asked her what message she has for all the young women out here who have a dream that they would like to pursue and her answer was crystal clear :

“Don’t let anyone or anything stop you. Stay focused and organized. Don’t talk TOO much about it before doing anything. Just keep focused, and hustle hard.”

Written by Latifa Saber

Latifa Saber is a 21-year-old student with strong opinions on pretty much everything. Feminism, literature and fashion are her main fields of interest.