No stress: 5 ways to prevent depression

The state of your mental health is crucial for your further development as a human being. People do not often take a minute and digest dramatic events which change their lives in a radical way. They continue to live with the heavy burdens until they literally drop. Take the economic crisis as an example, many young people are often very stressed looking for a suitable job.

Their fears are often the result of a disappointing response of employers. When those fears of failure are not treated in time, they could result in blockages which are not that easy to overcome. Every generation has to carry the burden of the previous one: I refer to this as generation Y.

An unstable mind can cause more damage than could be imagined. A nervous breakdown can be the start of a long depression. When someone has a depression, his body and mind are in crisis and this crisis affects his carrying capacity and potential to grow. This so called brake on the growth can affect life choices. A troubled mind has difficulties making healthy choices, which is why some insights only occur after that state of chaos in your mind.

  1. Take it easy. Try to take one step at a time, instead of burdening yourself with a lot of tasks you can’t finish in time. Making a schedule can help you realize this and organize your to-do-list.
  2. Don’t stress about negative past events. Everything happens for a reason and if things can’t be undone, why bother thinking every little detail through? Learn from your experiences and try to move on.
  3. Be patient about realizing your dreams. If you have goals and ambitions, you’re doing great! But don’t be disappointed if it takes longer than a day to realize your plans. Just keep working hard.
  4. A healthy mind in a healthy body: it’s not just a nice saying, it’s actually true. Exercising keeps you fit, gives you energy and this definitely helps you through a busy week.
  5. Stay away from negativity. You can’t be positive if you’re surrounded by negative mindsets. Be around people who support your goals, motivate you and help you to stay positive.

We are all people who aim to turn our own obstacles into inner victories. Respect the struggle, but take care of yourself, as the strongest people are aware of their weakest sides. What makes all of beautiful is our imperfection, embrace it.

Written by Amal El Madiouni

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Amal El Madiouni is a 26-year-old journalist. She loves to read and write, especially about mental health issues and spirituality.