New Year New Me: What If You Could Go to Hajj for Free?

It’s the end of the year, and while we’re heading towards a new decennium, some major soul searching questions come up. We reflect about our past, the choices we’ve made, and, more importantly, the persons we would like to be in the future.

Within our highly competitive societies, it sometimes feels as if we don’t have a grip on our own lives, we constantly worry about the never ending deadlines and expectations. That’s why we search for ways to escape the pressure that wel feel. Throughout the history of mankind, people used spiritualism to find inner peace and a balance between the material world and their soul. This spiritual journey takes up a central place within the lives of Muslims. Through prayer, fasting and the remembrance of God, Muslims try to connect with something that is beyond the human mind.

Realising that one of the most important spiritual journeys of Muslims, the Hajj, is too expensive for most of us, Manzil now offers its first ever Hajj-giveaway. Through this giveaway, Manzil wants to give back to the community in the most meaningful way.  The winner of the giveaway will receive two Hajj packages for them and their loved one for a once in a lifetime experience in Mecca and Medina. These packages are valued at over $30,000.

To make sure that your local city has the chance to take part in this amazing giveaway, feel free to share this giveaway with your colleagues, friends, and family.

To enter the draw, all you have to do is follow us on Instagram here: and fill out our Hajj giveaway form here: 

Written by Mvslim

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