New Netflix Series ‘Messiah’ between Controversy and Confusion

Everyone was talking about it on social media. The new Netflix series ‘Messiah’ has stirred controversy before it was released. Some liking it and others disliking it. But what is this series actually about? And why is it making people angry? 

This thriller series is about a mysterious man who claims to be sent by a higher being and who appears out of nowhere in present-day Syria. This man, whose name is Al-Masih, convinces a large group of Palestinian Syrians to travel all the way to the border of Israel. Because of his ability to perform miracles he gains a lot of followers all over the world. A CIA agent becomes interested in how this unknown man was able to move such a large group of people and starts investigating him. 

Source: Netflix

However, Messiah is not just a fantasy personality of Michael Petroni, the writer of the series. It is actually a religious figure talked about in various religions of the world. In Christianity they call him Christ, in Judaism they call him Messiah, and in Islam he is called Al-Masieh. In the series the Messiah recites something what seems like Quranic verses and travels to Israel where he gets in contact with a Jewish secret agent and afterwards moves to America where he meets a pastor. It seems like the writer was very well informed about the link between the Messiah and the three big religions. But why is it causing this much controversy? Some countries even trying to ban the Netflix series.

~H A M Z A 🇵🇰 on Twitter

Say no to the #Messiah series of #Netflix because it is based on anti Islamic teaching A series can not teach you the religional facts except wrong. If you are a muslim you have to read the Quran and hadees of prophet Muhammad (SAW) about messiah dajjal and prophet jesus.

_shifa_fatimaa on Twitter

Another islamophobic propaganda was launched to explore more their literal phobiatic concepts in the form of series #Messiah #Netflix Say no to all such antiislamic series. Be a true Muslim learn a true knowledge of Messiah dajjal and Prophet Jesus from our Quran and Sunnah.

Muslims have been saying that the series does not refer to Al-Massih but to Al-Dajjal. Al-Dajjal is an Islamic figure that can be compared to the Antichrist in Christianity. In Islam it is believed that Al-Dajjal would appear at the end of the world first claiming to be a prophet and afterwards claiming to be God. He is believed to be the biggest challenge for believers. 

People are not only talking about the series, but have been signing petitions to ban the series. The petition by to boycott the series has already reached over 5,000 signatures. 

Netflix even released a statement saying: “Messiah is a work of fiction. It is not based on any one character, figure or religion. All Netflix shows feature ratings and information to help members make their own decisions about what’s right for them and their families.”

However, others don’t think there is a problem with watching the series and are voicing their confusion. 

Abdul Majid Awan on Twitter

Half way through #Messiah, but still I haven’t found anything blasphemous against Islam or any other religion for that matter. Its seems like a well-put commnetay on the geopolitics and mainly CIA-led American politics #MessiahNetflix

Aamir Liaquat Husain on Twitter

Only read Surah Kahaf that’s it. No harm to see #Messiah in a movie. Chill everybody, Messiah will not come from #Netflix. 🎖🎖

What do you think? Is this series really anti-Islamic or would you watch the series?