New ‘Hajj Help’ Service Backed by Mufti Menk Aims to Guide Pilgrims Through Hajj Journey

A new website called ‘’ has recently become a talking-point within the Muslim community after popular Islamic scholar, Mufti Menk, promoted it’s services on his socials.

Co-founded by Shaykh Adam ibn Mahmood and Shaykh Afdal Feroz, this platform aims to provide round-the-clock services to pilgrims embarking on their Hajj journey. From live question boxes to helpful resources, Hajj Help aims to be the first point of reference to those travelling to the holy site this summer.

Posting about the new platform on his Instagram, Mufti Menk himself promoted its services via an information-packed video and a lengthy caption about the work that’s gone into this particular project.

“Are you or a loved one traveling for Hajj?” It read. “You now have free access to 24/7 support with a group of highly esteemed and world renowned scholars from various madhahibs, to answer your questions during this once in a lifetime journey.”

He continued: “We [Hajj Help] will also be delivering live streamed talks on various hajj related topics to assist with the spiritual journey during your days in #mina and #arafah . Check our website for a schedule of talks and times. Please share amongst your friends and family.”

Muslims in the comments commended the idea, with one user writing: “Wow! A much needed platform. JazakAllah khair for creating one.”

“Masha’Allah this is amazing!! it’s really needed. I remember when I went to Hajj I had so many questions, I used the internet but as there are so many options and I would use the word options I found it difficult at times. Insha’Allah this will reduce the stress from many Hujjaj!” Another user added.


So, which scholars are backing Hajj Help?

According to the official website, there are over 20 notable Islamic scholars backing this service.

From Mufti Ismail Desai all the way to Shaykh Fazlurrehman Hassan, Hajj Help has a range of knowledgable Islamic scholars offering an insight on Hajj as well as other related topics.

And what particular services are on offer?

The website also states that most of the services they offer fall into 6 separate categories – Iqamah Times, Ummah Sites, Fund My Masjid, Ummah Streaming, Ummah Screens and Hajj Help.

Iqamah Times is a free, non-subscription app that allows users to view Adhaan & Iqamah times for the daily prayers from anywhere in the UK. Not only that but it also gives users the opportunity to view Jumu’ah times, Eid times and sort local prayer times by the earliest and latest prayer within the vicinity.

Next up, Ummah Sites, which focusses on bringing mosques an online platform in order to digitalise each one in an easy-to-use and accessible format. As the world moves towards relying on technology, it seems as though this service is prioritising that movement within religious communities also.

Fund My Masjid is a service that allows mosque leaders to collect donations quickly and efficiently. The portal enables one to launch a campaign in minutes and collect donations by linking it to a specific mosque organisation.

Similarly, Ummah Streaming and Ummah Screens aims to bring about digitalising mosques to make their services more accessible through teaching, live streams and videos.

And finally, Hajj Help is the general 24/7 service consisting of a full team of scholars that can help out with other relevant questions and enquiries. The page also extends into a full Q&A, where people can search for frequently asked questions and receive their desired responses.

You can find more details on the official website by clicking here.

If you’re one of the lucky ones that will be going to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj this year, may Allah reward you and accept your prayers.