Neda Taiyebi Transforms Tanks Into Art: “I Hope It Brings Up Some Questions in People’s Minds”

I know you’re probably all wondering: how can a tank, something that kills, be pretty? Well, the Iranian artist Neda Taiyebi wasn’t put off by this. She took the challenge with permission of the Afghan army and she made a remarkable change in the gloomy scenery.

She painted pears, flowers, and paisley patterns on the tanks, because for her it was about the looks and she wasn’t trying to provoke a political message. The results are awesome. And don’t get me started about the colors that outshine that grey environment!

This is one of my favourites:

She said to AJ+ about her work: “It is part of the life of here, you cannot delete it. So I just wanted to give it a new kind of face. I hope it makes some questions in people’s minds about what is going on around them.”  

Written by Hafsa Elazzaoui

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Hafsa Elazzaoui is a 20-year-old language student with Arabic and English as her main courses. She has a passion for food and fashion.