Nadia Murad – a Survivor of Enslavement and Human Trafficking – Tells Her Story

Her name is Nadia Murad Basee Taha, a 21 year old girl from Kocho, Northern Iraq. She escaped from ISIS after being abducted for 3 months and being forced into slavery to members of ISIS in August 2014. She is from Yazidi community, which is a descendent of one of the world oldest religion existing, a monotheist religion believe in a benevolent peacock angel (Melek Taus) and an ancient Gnosticism faith, the reason for ISIS to launch genocide towards them because they were classified as “khafir” or infidel to ISIS.

On 16 December 2015 in front of UN Security Council (UNSC) she addressed the issue on behalf of Yazidi community and the others who have been under ISIS occupation. She demanded UNSC to eradicate ISIS. In one part of her speech, she was emotionally voicing out the nightmare she went through, surviving in the mercy of the merciless ISIS. She said “I am here to tell the Council about this global terrorist organization, the Islamic State, which is trying to destroy our culture and take away our freedom. I am here to talk about the nightmare that, just overnight, turned the life of an entire community upside-down.”

Emotional reaction from some UNSC delegates.
Emotional reaction from some UNSC delegates.

To the UNSC she described how the last summer was when she was a student living in her village, her traumatic experience when ISIS fighters rounded up all Yazidis in Kocho and when they forced her into sex slavery. Emotionally she said “One day, he came and asked me for my hand in what they called “marriage”. I said that I was ill; most women were menstruating because they were so scared. A few days later, this man forced me to get dressed and put on my makeup. Then, on that terrible night, he did it.”

In her speech she demanded these five rights for her people:

1)   The liberation of more than 3,400 women and children still suffering and living under ISIS;

2)   The incidents that took place, including the murders, collective slavery and human trafficking, being defined as genocide;

3)   For the council to establish international protection for the Yazidi areas and for the minorities under threat;

4)   She demanded from UN members to open up their countries to Yazidi community;

5)   She demanded from the UN Security Council to put an end to ISIS once and for all.

Her speech was not only to demand rights for Yazidis. But also for the others, she said “All those who commit the crimes of human trafficking and genocide must be brought to justice so that women and children can live in peace — in Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, Somalia and everywhere else in the world. These crimes against women and their freedom must be brought to an end today.”

ISIS doesn’t represent Islam because their actions are against Islamic teaching. The Prophet teaches Muslims to protect everyone. They are not to be killed but to be treated with compassion and respect. He was a respected man and loved by the non-Muslims living under his leadership.

Written by Hanna Lockman

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