Mvslim Connects – The Story

MvslimConnects launched on April 15, 2015, with the goal of inspiring today’s millennials to aim for the extraordinary. In less than two years, Mvslim became a platform with a monthly reach of more than 10 million people and an undeniably strong presence on social media. Backed by a talented team of over 500 international, enthusiastic contributors, Mvslim is making their mission a reality: to inspire, motivate and unite people across the borders of religion, ethnicity, nationality or any other traits. And now we’re bringing this mission to life offline, with Mvslim Connects. Let’s go over a few frequently asked questions to explain what we mean by Mvslim Connects.

What is Mvslim Connects?

Well, it’s a concept we’re launching worldwide. Mvslim Connects are local events, created to bring our offline communities together for an inspiring evening of speeches and connections. Basically, we go to a city, create an amazing event and launch our offline, editorial team in that city. We take our vision and mission for and bring it alive with an event that aims to challenge our communities to take their ambitions to the next level.

Who are the speakers at a Mvslim Connects?

With Mvslim Connects, we want to introduce new voices to our audience. So not the typical people you always see appearing on television or giving interviews in the newspaper, but fresh faces, young role models with a great story to tell.

Fun fact: We either share who the speakers are at the very last moment or we don’t share the names at all. Why we do this? First of all, we like to surprise our audience. Secondly, the speakers are not that known that you have to be there for a certain idol of yours. It’s the idea of the event that matters: To bring people together for an inspiring event, to listen to stories that are important to share. And you can trust us on this one, the stories are always worth it.

When was the first Connects?

Our first Mvslim Connects was on April 30 of 2016 in Antwerp, Belgium, which is where our office is based. With 200 seats that were sold out in less than an hour, we were excited to invite our Belgian community and to have a meet-up in real life. It’s a great way to get to know your audience and exchange ideas.

How can you get an impression of the Mvslim Connects vibes?

Very simple, just check out the hashtag #MvslimConnects on Twitter. We’re trending when we organize a Mvslim Connects and there’s always one type of recurring tweet: People regretting they weren’t there.

When are we coming to your city?

Can’t wait to have a Connects in your city? Great! Send us an email and tell us why whe should organize Mvslim Connects in your city.

Next Mvslim Connects

>November 25, 2016 – Mvslim Connects Amsterdam – Click here for tickets.

>Spring of 2017 – Mvslim Connects London – More information soon

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